Fishermans' Wharf Information

Fishermans Wharf - San Francisco

Fisherman's Wharf is the most popular area in San Francisco for visitors. It has a reputation for being very touristy, so expect large crowds, especially during the summer. There are many attractions, and Fisherman's Wharf is located right on the Bay, at the northern edge of San Francisco. The area spans from Ghirardelli Square on the west, to Pier 39 on the east, and includes The Cannery, San Francisco Wax Museum, Ripleys Believe it or Not, Hyde St Pier Maritime Museum, Aquarium of the Bay, Boudin Bakery Museum and much more. Pier 39 is the 3rd most visited place in the country, and is home to the famous San Francisco Sea Lions, excellent San Francisco Bay views, and dozens of shops and restaurants. In the Center of Fisherman's Wharf at Taylor Street, you can enjoy the world famous Dungeness Crab, at one of the many outdoor food stands, and view the last of San Francisco's Fishing fleet. Alcatraz tours depart from Pier 33, a very short walk from Fisherman's Wharf.